Friday, February 12, 2010

Ralph Lauren: The Gold Medal Winner in Olympic Fashion.

Ok, I know this screams dorky, but I seriously want the outfit that our USA team was wearing tonight at the Opening Ceremonies... the entire get up was BRILLIANT. We looked hot. I've never wanted to break out into singing "I'm proud to be an American" as much I did tonight. I don't care if we win any medals in these Olympics because win or lose, we looked good trying.

Now I have a new reason to watch the Olympics...

... starting with this down jacket. I can't say that its the most flattering style but hey, you'll look "athletic"... not fat. ;)

And now for the track jacket... YES... you can have it PERSONALIZED.
Annie Clay = instant Olympic athlete.
Please send your requests for autographs and I will gladly oblige.

Here is the sweater they were wearing under the jacket tonight. Classic. Fresh. Kind of bulky and I probably wouldn't like it on me... but it looked great tonight with the whole ensemble.

The shoes and pants weren't available to purchase online in women's, but... that's okay. The shoes are also something that goes great with the whole outfit, but.... they're ugly. And white pants have never been my friend. Hopefully we will be able to mend our broken past this summer. :)

I am really wishing they had more of their gear available to buy online. I want olympic snow pants, olympic leggings, and olympic figure skating dresses...

Time for bed. Go Team USA!!