Saturday, February 6, 2010

A girl's gotta dream...

Well friends, I've been credit card free for exactly one month now, and I believe I've finally found an outlet to my painful shopping withdrawl. After 30 days of filling my internet "shopping carts" with all of my favorite clothes, knowing I couldn't get them but just enjoying the thrill of clicking purchase, I came up with an idea...

Everyday, I plan to pick out an outfit from my favorite designers and stores that I WOULD wear, if I had the money(or the plastic) to buy them. By no means do I consider myself worthy of the title "fashionista" but I'm simply using this blog as an outlet to enjoy "shopping" without spending any money. :)

On that note, HOLY SNOW!!! It's a blizzard out there!! On a cold and wintery day like today, I would throw on this adorable and super cozy sweater dress from

Along with the dress I'd wear these very warm yet surprisingly flattering leggings. Plush designed this legwear that's lined with FLEECE, yet they don't leave you looking bulky like most fleece clothing. Super cute and warm.

If I were to venture out in the snow today, I'd top off my outfit with these sparrow earrings from South Moon Under, throw on my Sam Edelman black suede knee-high boots, and grab my treesje studs cross body bag before I hit the road.

I'm much more likely to cozy up on the couch, have some hot chocolate, and watch a movie in these lounge pants, a tee shirt, this fleece lined robe from Victoria's Secret, and Ugg slippers that melt in your feet... mmm....

Stay warm and enjoy your weekend! Check back tomorrow for an update. :)