Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm in Wanderlust...

My fiancé and I had planned to go to New York today but decided to wait until the weather gets a little warmer so we can really enjoy ourselves. I have a bad case of S.A.D. and my shopping potential is only at about 35% right now; which I guess is a good thing because I don't have any money to spend (or magic cards to swipe) anyway. I'll have to treat myself when we go... maybe hit up the monstrosity that is FOREVER 21 in Union Square. Until then, my online dream shopping will suffice. ;)

I typically don't start an outfit with the shoes, but once you see these Amiclubwear heels, you will understand that they need to be properly introduced before we can move on with the outfit. GAAAAH!!!!! I WANT I WANT I WANT!!! $27.99!!! If you aren't totally crazy about them, then I'm putting you in time-out with them for 30 seconds. If you don't love them after looking at them for 30 seconds, then... well, I just don't get it... because they are amazing. I know my mother will say they belong on a street corner, but it's just the style, Ma!! Get with it!! :)

Next, we have these J.Crew Ankle Stretch Toothpick jeans. We needed to work our way from the bottom to the top here, because I wanted to make sure to find pants that wouldn't compromise the brilliance of these shoes, yet still be a great fit and work well with the outfit. They're also perfect with any boots since they are shorter and you don't have to tuck your pants into your socks!!! Or am I the only one who does that??... umm... nevermind.

And I'm SO excited to tell you about this great company, WANDERLUST!! I read about Wanderlust on Daily Candy and I just LOVE this woman's story. Here's the excerpt from her website... LOVE IT!!

"This is a true story.

Girl lives in new york. Girl loves fashion, color, art, 5 inch heels and travel. Oh yes, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Girl works at big fashion mags and later, huge global fashion design companies. Girl travels around the world in search of the cool and the new. Girl grimaces every time she sees a tourist jamming a conical hat, a cheongsam, a fez or kimono into the overhead compartment. Girl knows that these coveted souvenir-y items will never see the light of day once unpacked (except maybe at halloween). Girl resolves to open a shop someday in some cool place that carries only clothes that speak a global language, stuff that translates everywhere and anywhere. Girl goes to Cambodia, and falls in love. Falls in love with the country, the beautiful faces, the charming french colonial houses of Siem Reap; she is head over 5" stiletto heels with the colors of this country, the smell of lemongrass, the sunset warming the verdant rice paddies, the yves-klein-blue shade of the sky. Girl goes back to new york, ditches her job, sells her furniture, packs a few inappropriate but necessary heels, and heads back to the allure of Siem Reap, Cambodia. Spends golden dawn to glowing dusk working side-by-side and hand to-hand with Leng and her master seamstress team, tripping through the local markets to find prints and cottons that shout, “happiness!”, cheering on the kids at Anjali’s house as they tie dye tees (, crunching on khmer snack foods like spiders and crickets, pushing a stick through a teeming, steaming brew of natural dyes with the folks at CFI ( to create handwoven ikats, sketching and watercoloring designs poolside at the golden banana resort ( while sipping mint infused green tea, scouring the vibrant countryside for creative handicrafting geniuses, teaching english to monks and kids, never forgetting to say “ar-kun!” (‘thank you’) every step of the way, exploring every cave and lotus field and coffee shop and BBQ joint and pagoda and roadside stall, being warmed by radiant people. and the result is wanderlust, a lifestyle concept dedicated to giving girls gorgeousness, beautiful things handmade by the beautiful people of this beautiful country, beauty that easily translates to Budapest, Boston, Battambang, Bolivia, Brighton or any beautiful place they call home."

HOW GREAT IS THAT?! I want to go to Cambodia and meet this incredible woman!! SO INSPIRING!

On that note, here is our fantastic Wanderlust Cambodian top...

On to the jewelry!!

These Forever 21 bangles. $4.80. Beat that. Yeah, ya just can't. They're great. :)

This Forever 21 Triple beaded necklace is $7.80. Let's see if we can keep the jewelry under $20. Time to find some earrings...

We've done it!! I looked for a pair of black studs to match the earrings on Forever 21 but didn't find any, and I thought of using silver hoops, but just didn't think it would work. I found these on Charlotte Russe for only $4. I figure the black ones are close enough to a match, right?

And finally.... the bag. :)

I found this Twisted Hardware Doctor Bag at Urban Outfitters. It's a great match with the shoes and a nice big everyday bag for all your things. No MD required. ;)

This outfit will not be complete without a smile! :)

Take care and happy fashion!
Annie Clay