Tuesday, February 23, 2010

White Roses...

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I hope you've had some sunshine moments to get you through this awful rainy day. Just when I think we are done with snow, I now hear that we may get ANOTHER FOOT in just a couple of days! I think the blog may need to take another tropical trip ASAP. I am boycotting WINTER... quite possibly for the rest of my life. :(

Anyway, I LOVE this dress from Mod Cloth!! It is so versatile. It can be dressed up or down, and can be worn with any color. It's a blank canvas. That's is why I made it my first choice for today's outfit. It was really fun trying to think of great ways to put the look together.

I thought we would dress it down a little bit with this denim jacket from J.Crew. Ignore what she's wearing... we're just using the jacket here. Cute though, right? I typically go for a darker wash denim, but I like the lighter blue with the dress. And it's cropped so there is plenty of room to show off some bracelets or a fabulous watch!

I found this zodiac sign necklace from Urban and I love it. I'm an Aries and although I don't follow astrology at all and don't really believe in it, I'm amazed at how much I'm like a stereotypical Aries... so I feel connected to being an Aries, just like I feel connected with my birthstone, diamond... must be why I love wearing them so much, too! ;)

These earrings from Urban are a great touch, too. They're just ehh though... cute, but nothing special.

These grey tights are from J.Crew... sheer tights are the way to go right now. I got a bunch of pairs of different patterned tights in the beginning of the winter but I just get TOO COLD and end up wearing 3 pairs of pants instead! Once it starts getting warmer I plan to break them out.

I love these boots from gojane.com... super tall as usual. 5 inches to be exact. :)

I'm still not %100 sure how I feel about the look of the platform. I've been seeing a lot more shoes like this lately, and it's starting to grow on me.

And lastly, we have this little clutch wallet from TARGET for only 12.99! Who would have thought?! Target is kind of hit or miss with anything, but I love the feeling of being there to pick up some basic household things and you come across a great wallet, shoes or an item of clothing at an amazing price!

That's all for now!
Check back tomorrow evening for Wednesday's outfit!


Quirkygirl said...

Love the white dress!!!!


Le Jardin said...

like that first dress.

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