Monday, December 13, 2010

BEST SALE EVER!! (until tomorrow)

Do you know that awesome feeling after taking advantage of an amazing sale? For someone who takes their shopping as seriously as I do, it's a very proud moment when you look at your receipt, or in this case, your order confirmation online and see how all of the hard work you've done searching for coupon codes, scanning pages of sale items, and making sure you spend JUST enough to get that free shipping, has paid off... and you just KNOW that NO ONE has ever done such an incredible job at saving than you.

I had that feeling a few days ago. I ordered some things online from Macy's during their "One Day Sale" which should really be called their "Once every 2 weeks sale" because it happens that frequently. And it's really a two day sale because they have a "Preview Day" the day before. What the heck is that about, Macy's? Seriously. Anyway, I was in bed at about 11pm when I suddenly remembered that I had ONE hour left to take advantage of the sale. Did I mention I take my shopping seriously?

I digress... I ordered a bunch of things with store credit and they arrived today. I will start by saying something that I always neglect to remember. DO NOT BUY CLOTHES ONLINE! 9 times out of 10, you won't be happy. Also, they sent me a pair of large men's sweatpants... why?? I don't know. I guess they thought maybe I would like them more than the jeans I actually ordered that they failed to send. Awesome. So now I have to return them, along with almost everything else I ordered.

To make matters worse, just as I was looking at Macy's return policy online, a commercial came on TV for the BEST CUSTOMER SALE at Macy's starting tomorrow! And it's a BETTER sale than the One Day Sale. You have made a FOOL out of me Macy's! And I DON'T WANT to be your best customer... I don't want to be your customer at all... so THERE! Pttthhhh!

OK, on to the clothes...

I found this really adorable sweater from Urban Outfitters!!

Totally kidding... but I saw this on the website and just had to show all of you. For the low price of $88, you can look like that weird aunt that never got married and has 20 cats.

How about this one from Anthropologie instead? It's purple which I've noticed is becoming a really hot color right now. It's also my sister-in-law Dajana's favorite color so I like to think that she single handedly started the trend. :)

You can wear a basic tank underneath or a longsleeve crewneck shirt... whatever strikes your fancy.

Top it off with some black leggings and Uggs and you're ready to go.

Speaking of Uggs, I bought my first pair (these ones) this week and I am SO happy with my purchase. They are so incredibly warm. I was hesitant to buy them, thinking that they can't be all that much better than the much cheaper competition, but they are so much better. They use only the highest grade sheepskin available, unlike the coarse and synthetic material used in the cheapy fakes. These will last you longer and keep your feet warmer than any other boot.

Okay, now onto my favorite thing right now. I found these state necklaces on Etsy. They come in every state or country you can imagine! She will even custom make your location if you don't see it listed. LOVE THEM!

Here is the PA one. Philly girl represent! They make a perfect gift for anyone you know who holds a special place in their heart for a certain location, or if their loved ones are far away. And they are reasonably priced at just $50!

That's all for today, kids. Sorry if today's outfit is a little lame and predictable. I really wanted to share my Ugg love and was pretty uninspired in my search for a sweater. I'll spruce it up next time for a dressier holiday party outfit! :)


Friday, December 10, 2010

Let's Try This Again...

Hey Ladies!

I'm finally making a comeback here. I hope you can forgive me for my absence over the last few months. Just when the blog was doing it's best, I got caught up in my wedding planning and I really regret that I didn't do a better job at keeping up with the site. I'm hoping that over the next couple of months, we can build up some momentum again and get back to making fabulous and affordable outfits together.

Just to give you an idea what I have been up to since I've been gone from the blogger world... here are some photos!

And last but not least... the walk-in closet from the hotel on our honeymoon! Love!

Check back for a new outfit tomorrow! xoxo

Monday, April 19, 2010

Shop 'Til You Drop!

I've officially been RE-FUELED!!!!

You know that ridiculous commercial where the dad is totally stiff looking into the fridge and the mom goes, "Kids, your father is in a refrigerator coma.".... Well, after 4 months without a single swipe of a credit card, I feel like I've been stuck in a shopping coma and I've been so bad about updating new outfits! But after an AMAZING birthday shopping spree weekend, I feel re-energized and right back on track. I have so many things to show all of you! Many of the things I got on my little shopping spree were things that I've used on the blog and had been wanting for a while.

I had $250 in gift cards to spend... and if I do say so myself, I spent it pretty wisely. I was able to get 2 dresses, a black blazer, jeggings, 2 tops, a new bra from VS (maybe TMI, but whatever!), 5 necklaces, and 2 skirts!!

I also got a FOREVER 21 GIFT CARD from 2 of my favorite people in the world(Wend and Beej... LOVE YOU! xoxo) so I will post what I get with that as soon as I go there! ;)

So for today, I'll just show you what I got this weekend!

Jeggings from Urban Outfitters

T-Skirt from Forever... like a t-shirt but a SKIRT! Loves it!

Black Ruffle Skirt from Forevs

Cute Sparrow Birds Necklace from.... FOREVER... shocking.

Black Pearl Flower necklace from Forever (wore it last night to my b-day dinner!)

Gold and Cream beads necklace from Forever

Geo Medallion Necklace from... have you figured it out already? Forever.

The blazer and dress I got from H&M but I wasn't able to get a picture of them from the website, but trust me... they're super cute.

I know that I owe many of you e-mails and I'll be shooting them out to you this week.

We also have a GIVEAWAY to get to!!!!
More on that this week!

Happy Monday, loves!!
Annie Clay

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunshine and Summertime

Long time, no blog. Sorry about that... A LOT going on!

Anyway, let's get to the outfit!

I LOVE Forever 21. I've been avoiding the store like the plague since shredding my credit cards because I'm afraid I'd have a nervous breakdown if wanted something I couldn't get. The clothes are SO inexpensive and SO cute! They have such a great variety of clothing and accessories that will make you look and feel like a million bucks for under $100. Today's outfit it ALL Forever 21 from head to toe. This entire outfit (dress, shoes, bag, necklace, bracelet, earrings, AND sunglasses!) COSTS UNDER $80!!! UHHHHH-MAZING!!!!

First, we have this cute grey and white stiped dress for only $9. Seriously?? $9.00?? I don't know how they do it.

And what color is better for a bright sunny summer day than yellow. This Woven Leatherette tote was the priciest item of the day at $32.50, but still a great price for a very cute purse.

And to match, how cute are these yellow flats!? I love them! They're the 2nd priciest item at $16.80 which is pretty darn good!

These white sunglasses ($5.80 0f course) are really fun and rockstarish.

This necklace adds a nice touch... cute little heart. (I become less and less creative with my descriptions as the outfits come to an end...)

Here are some basic hoop earrings. There are 5 pairs for $3.80 which is pretty stellar. They're totally cheapy... but for $3.80, who cares!?

This bracelet = $3.80... seriously?? Awesome.

Hot looks for AMAZING prices!

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Revival of the Denim

It's official... the 80's are back with a vengeance.


Don't panic. We are in complete control of this situation. We can take a dip into the sea of denim without coming out completely soaked in ridiculous (as shown in the photo above). If at any time, you feel the urge to wear denim jeans with a denim jacket, you must call 911. You're about to overdose and need to enter rehab immediately. Ooooh... there's an idea... Fashion Rehab! Move over, Dr. Drew!

Anyway, denim is HOT right now. You're going to be seeing shoes, bags, tops, dresses and anything else you could possibly imagine in denim this season. This Jenny Denim Dress from Alloy is super cute and reasonably priced at $39.90! I also love that it's called "Jenny dress" because my future sister-in-law's name is Jenny and today is her BIRTHDAY! How perfect! Happy Birthday, Jenny!

Next, we have these heels from They have a five inch heel (would you expect any less from me?) and they're a great color with the denim. At $24.99, they won't break your budget, however, they may break your ankles. That's a risk we are willing to take for the shoes that we love. In return, they will make our legs look better than ever... making it all worth while.

This Anthropologie Mint Drop Necklace is really cute. I typically like more bright colors than this, but the mint green with the gold and pearls look really nice together.

In case I haven't made myself perfectly clear, I'm obsessed with Forever 21 and their $5.80 sunglasses! They are SO cheap! They're lifesavers for someone who loses/breaks/steps on sunglasses ALL THE TIME!! These F9268 Aviators are fabulous!

This Forever 21 Worn "Leatherette" Tote Bag is great. It's $32.80 which isn't bad at all considering it looks a lot like a bag you would see at Urban Outfitters for twice the price. It goes great with the shoes, and it also has different size straps so you can wear it over your shoulder or carry it on your arm. I'd probably go with the latter.

Feeling chilly? Throw on this "Dude, where's my Cardigan" from Mod Cloth. I'd buy it just for the name alone! It goes really well with the necklace and adds a splash of color to the outfit.

I would throw this Charlotte Russe Belt (only $10.99!) over top of the cardigan. I think it's really cute when you put an unbuttoned cardigan over a dress and throw a belt on to finish the look.

And last but not least, we have these lovely Pave Post Earrings from Anthro! They go with everything!

That's it for today's outfit, loves!

Happy Fashion!