Monday, March 22, 2010

Revival of the Denim

It's official... the 80's are back with a vengeance.


Don't panic. We are in complete control of this situation. We can take a dip into the sea of denim without coming out completely soaked in ridiculous (as shown in the photo above). If at any time, you feel the urge to wear denim jeans with a denim jacket, you must call 911. You're about to overdose and need to enter rehab immediately. Ooooh... there's an idea... Fashion Rehab! Move over, Dr. Drew!

Anyway, denim is HOT right now. You're going to be seeing shoes, bags, tops, dresses and anything else you could possibly imagine in denim this season. This Jenny Denim Dress from Alloy is super cute and reasonably priced at $39.90! I also love that it's called "Jenny dress" because my future sister-in-law's name is Jenny and today is her BIRTHDAY! How perfect! Happy Birthday, Jenny!

Next, we have these heels from They have a five inch heel (would you expect any less from me?) and they're a great color with the denim. At $24.99, they won't break your budget, however, they may break your ankles. That's a risk we are willing to take for the shoes that we love. In return, they will make our legs look better than ever... making it all worth while.

This Anthropologie Mint Drop Necklace is really cute. I typically like more bright colors than this, but the mint green with the gold and pearls look really nice together.

In case I haven't made myself perfectly clear, I'm obsessed with Forever 21 and their $5.80 sunglasses! They are SO cheap! They're lifesavers for someone who loses/breaks/steps on sunglasses ALL THE TIME!! These F9268 Aviators are fabulous!

This Forever 21 Worn "Leatherette" Tote Bag is great. It's $32.80 which isn't bad at all considering it looks a lot like a bag you would see at Urban Outfitters for twice the price. It goes great with the shoes, and it also has different size straps so you can wear it over your shoulder or carry it on your arm. I'd probably go with the latter.

Feeling chilly? Throw on this "Dude, where's my Cardigan" from Mod Cloth. I'd buy it just for the name alone! It goes really well with the necklace and adds a splash of color to the outfit.

I would throw this Charlotte Russe Belt (only $10.99!) over top of the cardigan. I think it's really cute when you put an unbuttoned cardigan over a dress and throw a belt on to finish the look.

And last but not least, we have these lovely Pave Post Earrings from Anthro! They go with everything!

That's it for today's outfit, loves!

Happy Fashion!


Anonymous said...

You're not kidding! I saw a denim BRA at Target the other day. Whaat.

Cheryl said...

I own like 30 pairs of denim jeans! I'm pretty much in style all the time

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

I spent some hours yesterday browsing forever 21 but the shipping to the UK is crazy!

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