Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thank you, Jessica Simpson, for improving the lives and statures of short people all over the world.

Did anyone else see Jessica Simpson on Oprah today? She was wearing the most AMAZING shoes, but I can't find them anywhere! When I checked to see if they were from her collection, I found the tallest heels I've EVER seen! Even Lady Gaga would be intimidated. Needless to say, I fell in love with them. I'm excited to tell you that they are the heels of the day!

Let's start with the basics though.This Long Sleeve Cuffed Raglan tee from Forever 21 is only $6.80! You can never have too many white tops. If you're looking for basic and simple shirts for layering, Forever 21 is the place to go. Then, we have this Open Slub Knit Cardigan to go over the shirt. I'm totally loving vests right now.

These True Religion Joey jeans are fantastic. Unfortunately, the pricetag isn't so wonderful. They're $172... but well worth it if you wear them all the time. They are flattering on any figure, and will last you forever (or at least as long as you remain that size)!

Cute back pockets... (This girl needs a cheeseburger, though! God forbid she falls on her butt.)

Do you see the bottom of those jeans dragging on the ground in the first picture ? Well add about a foot of fabric to that and you'll know what most of my jeans look like before I put heels on. But guess what? I have a solution to this problem. Call me crazy, but I am loving these 5.8 inch Jessica Simpson Dany heels. 5.8 inches!!!! They are very intense; but if you wear them with jeans that are normally WAY too long on you, no one will even notice them! I certainly wouldn't wear them with a dress or a skirt, just really long pants. One thing I love about Jessica Simpson is that she is 5"3. Her shoes are helping thousands of fellow shorties get that extra little boost they need. The prospect of being almost 6 inches taller is almost too exciting for me to handle. I'm sure the thrill would be gone the second I tried walking in them.

This Necklace from Mod Cloth and these Charlotte Russe earrings are the perfect accessories with this outfit. Don't the flowers from the necklace and earrings look so similar? It's almost as if they were made to match!

This was SO funny... I was looking for a silver bag to go with the shoes and I found this really cute bag by Timi and Leslie. And I was thinking to myself, "How have I never heard of these designer bags before?". So, I looked up the website... and... it's a DIAPER bag. Yep, Timi and Leslie are out there to help all the hot mommas keep looking and feeling hot. But you know what? I'm using it anyway, because I love it!

It's really not even that big, right?

I could come up with a ton of things to go in place those diaper/baby stuff compartments. And then when I become a mommy, I'll be all set! :)

That's all for today, lovies!

"A girl should be two things; classy and fabulous."
-Coco Chanel


Brandi said...

Okay, I so just went straight to Forever 21 and bought that cardigan/vest thing. I love it!

lizzy said...

Your blog is wonderful! i just found it through the Ann Taylor Loft fan page on facebook! just wanted to pop in and say how fantastic you are with making outfits!

Anonymous said...

do you have an email?? just wanted to ask some details about your blog! : )

annieclay said...

Thanks, Brandi and Lizzy! :) And anonymous, my blog e-mail is

Team Jacob said...

That is a bloody diaper bag?
who would know? :)

Scarf said...

I love those shoes! Of course, I would also think they'd be very painful to walk in. *winces*