Thursday, February 18, 2010

Here comes the sun doot'n do do...

This Conversation Hearts dress from Lulu just makes me want to go to a tea party with my girlfriends (as if I've ever been to a tea party, lol). It's so feminine and pretty. I love how the shoulders have the little cap sleeves and how it bunches together at the bottom. It's so fresh and springy... perfect for a lunch date. :)

And these Pink amiclubwear shoes go so well with the dress. They are only $9.99!! I don't like the fake half zipper thing in the front but I love the height, color and style. Of course, ask me how I feel after walking three blocks in them and I'm sure my feelings will change a bit. I joked with my fiance the other day that "Why did I wear these shoes?" will be written on my tombstone. One tip for the summer... ALWAYS, carry a pair of flat sandals in your purse if you are wearing shoes like these to go out. You won't regret it at the end of the night when you need them desperately... and your feet will LOVE you for it.

This Tory Burch Bombe Reva pink clutch is a great match with the outfit. It also has a price tag of $350. So it's a good thing you're saving on the cheap heels from Amiclubwear. ;)

I know I say it all the time, but Forever 21 jewelry is GREAT. You don't have to feel guilty about losing it, or having it break or anything because it's SO DIRT CHEAP. And it is still super stylish and doesn't look tacky. I mean, they definitely DO have some tacky jewelry, but you can easily find a lot of cute things if you look for them. I love this feather light necklace for $5.80.

I would just wear a simple pair of pearl earrings with this outfit. There is enough going on without adding anything more dramatic to it. Here is another collection of earrings... again from Forever, for $3.80. That's only a little over a dollar per pair... can't beat it.