Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunday, Sunday...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!!

I had a hot date with my fiance last night and I didn't get a chance to post a new blog, so I'm going to do two again today. :)

First, we have this Aviator Jacket by Mark and Chris. I found it on it's very expensive, but you can find something very similar and significantly cheaper from Forever 21. It won't be as nice obviously but it will do the trick.

I love this bright colorful flower top from With all of this freezing cold weather we've been having, it's adds a little bit of warmth and sunshine. Below the top are these Regal boot cut Miss Me jeans, also from

Next we have our accessories... I love this "Bow-tiful" bow tie neclace. It's another find from Mod Cloth... very cute. And these earrings from Charlotte Russe. They look more silver in this pic but they're gold.

These ballet flats are from Forever 21. I rarely wear flats since I'm so short, but I really think these are cute. P.S. I know I say cute all the time. I need a thesaurus or something.

And to top off the outfit we have this Red Apple purse from lulus. It's a great new site I just discovered. They have really fabulous stuff.

Ok, I need to go get a lo-carb Monster now before I do the next blog. I've got nothing funny or interesting to say... stay tuned for another post later tonight! :)