Thursday, February 18, 2010


It's been a few days since I've been able to update because... well... because I'm lazy. But I'm going to try to keep updating everyday because it's fun and it makes it easier for me not to spend money. SPEAKING of which.... I made an impulsive purchase last week. I was at DSW and right when I walked in the door, I saw these amazingly cute black Madden Girl shoes and I gave into temptation and bought them. I instantly had a guilty conscience about it. I mean, I used cash and didn't use a credit card (still haven't used it in almost 2 months!), but I automatically thought of all the things that I NEED that I could use with that $50. I have SO many pairs of shoes that are very similar to these (although these are different with the ruffles and so cute). Anyway, moral of the story is, I'm returning them tomorrow! I'm really getting better at this!!! Other than the shoes, I haven't made any clothing purchases in over a month!

I'll start off today's outfit with this black and white flannel top from Mod Cloth. :)

Then we have these black legging jeans from Forever 21. They're only $19.80! They also have really cute jean leggings at Urban Outfitters right now for about $39 which are probably a little better quality.

I love this Urban Outfitters bag. It's basic, yet it has really cute ruffle detail to it to add a little something. It's a great everyday bag that will go with anything.

These are the same Steve Madden shoes I bought except they're in suede and the ones I bought were leather... I couldn't find a picture of them online. Aren't they cute?! I don't really care for the suede though.

I think silver jewelry would go better with this outfit than gold. I found this Eiffel Tower necklace from Forever 21. I love Paris, so of course I love this necklace. And I love that it's only $5.80!

And these earrings, also from Forever 21, are a great match. I love that it comes with 2 pairs of studs and then a pair of these drop feather earrings. LOVE THEM!

That's all for now... but I'll catch up on the ones I've missed tomorrow. I plan on having a much needed LAZY Sunday! :)