Sunday, February 7, 2010

OMG, I've fallen in LOOOVE....`

with this coat from (and with Mike Kicak!)...

Seriously... how cute is this?!?

I am also loving this top from Forever21 which, on it's own, doesn't do much for me... but I can see it looking great paired with this belt from Anthropologie...

For bottoms, I think this top would go great with these True Religion jeans. However, even in my fantasy world, I can't justify paying $297 for a pair of jeans. Here is a great alternative from Forever21. These jeans are only $9.50! So you can get 30 pairs of these jeans instead of one pair from True Religion. (I believe this mindset is what's left me with 50+ pairs of jeans though so be careful, hah!)

You can barely even tell the difference between the two! I have a few pairs of Forever21 jeans and they are actually pretty good quality.

And now for JEWELRY!!! I love love love love love J.Crew jewelry!
This bracelet and necklace, and these earrings would go very nicely with the 3/4 length cream shirt... classy, and yet fresh and modern. I can't wait to go out in this!! Oh wait... nevermind, hah. :)

Lastly, the shoes... a personal favorite topic of mine. I discovered this website when I was searching for shoes that had 4in+ heels (that still leaves me below average height, ugh), and that were also very stylish and reasonably priced (they are SUPER CHEAP). This place definitely delivered. Sure they aren't the most comfortable or the best quality ever... but no one can tell from a distance... unless they see you falling all over the place in your stilts. Just don't drink large amounts of alcohol while wearing them... or any heels for that matter. I chose these five buckle stud trim boots for today to add some spice to the outfit...

Go Saints!!!!!! Happy Sunday, everyone... make sure to go to church. ;)