Friday, February 26, 2010

*Old Hollywood Glamour*

I hope you've all had a great week. Time to go out and celebrate all the good things in life; God, family, friends, work, great clothes, snowflakes that stay on your nose and eyelashes, yada, yada, yada. Life is GOOD. And we need to go out and enjoy it. This next outfit will go great with a glass of champagne...

This little black dress from Lulu is only $25.00! The bold shoulders make it stand out; and the fact that it has pockets just sealed the deal for me. It also has a sash that ties in the back which is shown in the second picture... I LOVE IT! Now we need to spruce it up a little...

Nothing makes an outfit go "blah" to "ah!" like the color RED. These suede peep toe ruffle heels are a perfect way to glam it up. They are $24.99 and definitely worth it... even if they are cheap knock-offs... everyone will be fooled. :)

Again I'm plugging the bangle look. This Banana Republic Alethia Cuff Bangle is a nice touch.... don't have a lot to say about it other than that. It's $39.50 which isn't uber expensive, but you probably wouldn't see me buying it even if I had the money. I'll stick with my cheapy stuff for now. I'd totally get it if it was 50% off.

How great is this Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock necklace watch? It's nice and long which will will help add some pizazz to the dress. How often will we be checking the time on it? Probably never. That's what cell phones and laptops are for... but we'll take it nonetheless.

I love these Banana Republic swirl earrings. They are $25.00 which is pretty reasonable, and they're fairly simple but stand out more than your average studs and will surely get you a few extra compliments.

Next, we have this Badgley Mischka Mini Leather Satchel. It's $195.00 which for Badgley Mischka isn't bad. It's tiny but will hold all of the essentials for a night out; and it will look amazing on your arm. It looks a little bland in this picture, if you go to the link you'll since it's actually a lot bolder of a red. :)

And you had to have seen this one coming... we wouldn't be complete without this bold Youngblood vixen lipstick. We are going ALL out here. Don't be afraid to scream glamour... well... not literally (unless you really want to). ;)

Until next time, loves!
Annie Clay