Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jackie O

Good morning and happy snowday!

I figured I should take a break from Action News and update the blog. I didn't get a chance to add my outfit yesterday so I will be doing two today, since I am all snowed in and have nothing else I need to do... (except those long overdue thank-you notes! Ugh, why do I keep putting them off!?!)

I started off today's outfit with this beautiful blue scarf from Anthropologie. It is definitely a statement item, and it sets the tone for the rest of the outfit.

This sharp-looking blazer is another Anthro item... very sleek and elegant. Love it. I would wear a simple white tank top or this Forever 21 basic tee to go with the blazer... keeping it simple and classic.

And then we have two of my favorite things rolled into one... jeans and leggings! I found these on Urban Outfitters. These dark wash denim leggings are awesome. I probably wouldn't tuck my shirt into them though...

These Colin Stuart boots are on sale at Victoria's Secret for $79. They have a 3.5 inch heel and they have a little bit of a distressed look to them which I really like... very cute.

I love this Coach Madison Hippie bag. You can't tell at this angle but from the side its very thin, not big and bulky as I would kind of figure by looking at the picture. As much as I love it, I wouldn't want to spend $358 on a purse. I would probably head to either Rice's Market in New Hope or Discoveries on South Street in Philly (shout out to Wendy!) to find a great knock-off. No one needs to know!

I'm fascinated at how inexpensive Forever 21 Jewelry is... here are 9 PAIRS OF EARRINGS FOR $5.80! Are they real pearls and diamonds?? You tell me. ;)

These one's are $4.80 which is still ridiculously cheap... love them.

These sunglasses are $30 from Top Shop and add the finishing touch... I love the color and style of them.

Okay, we're ready for our close-up!!